Poznan Startup Weekend 2012 – final notes


Poznan Startup Weekend 2012 is finished (the complete list of awards you can find here). It was an amazing event. We have gathered in one place almost 80 skillful and creative people, more than 20 mentors and the board of prominent judges. Many great partners and sponsors participated in the success of the event – we would like to once again thank them all for their invaluable help and business assistance.

Poznan Startup Weekend 2012 (#swpoz) was one of the most  mentioned Startup Weekend event on Twitter during these days. It created more positive buzz than more than 60 other events happening the same time around the World. We have seen as well great interest on our website and Facebook fan page. Thank you all for following us and please keep in touch.

However, the most important is that we’ve seen a set of very interesting ideas. And many of them were coined into working prototypes. It was striking to see how the projects were evolving from rough ideas to working software or hardware. Once again many thanks to all involved people and guests – and most impotantly – to all the teams for their hard work. Below we list all of them to help you keep in touch with them and keep tracking their progress:


1. KidGifter  (fan page / website / video with the presentation) – “The youngest team” Prize Winner 

Project led by the youngest startupers on the event (11-,12-yo). A website for kids to make lists or video with gifts they want to get for Christmas and send the lists or video to their parents and relatives.


2. Checkio (fan page / website  / video with the presentation)

Checkio gathers event social data and matches it against registered users so you can reward the most active participants!


3. MarkAndPark (fan page / website  / video with the presentation) – Best Project Prize Winner

A mobile app to rent and find unused available parking space i.e private and business owned spaces.


4. SaveTrender (website  / video with the presentation) –  Best Pitch Prize Winner

Social recommendation website on investments asnwering for questions. Checks in what other users invested, recommends similar investors to you and help you to choose financial products.


5. Skill Booster (fan page  / video with the presentation)

Skill Booster enables students to combine education with work and employers to reach out to the best of them.


6. Trailer Hero (website / fan page  / video with the presentation)  – Best Project Public Prize Winner  –  iTraff Special Prize Winner – “Simple solutions are best solutions” Prize Winner 

Your favourite trailers right in your hand! Watch trailers of your choice. Use image recognition and see what’s hot. Buy tickets, DVDs or just stream your favourite movies.


7. COLOR id (fan page / website  / video with the presentation) – Special Jury Prize Winner

Glow yourself the same color as people with similar interests. We create the device, that will be emitting certain color. The color that will dynamically change dependently on user preferences. On the events in real life situations it’s time consuming activity to meet people that share our interests. We solve this problem by enabling easy way to help people to identify themselves in the crowd.


8. Bumbum (website  / video with the presentation)

Trip to Brazil developed using Lean Canvas


9. GIFBOX (website / fan page  / video with the presentation)

Use the best gifs in the Internet during most heated discussions.


10. App4rat (cut4app) (fan page / video with the presentation)

As an organizer build your mobile event application in 3 clicks, collect real-time user feedback, make your event visible on all social networks and give your sponsors/partners the possibility to interact with participants during the event. As participant, keep all your favourite events in one app, share your thoughts on the event with others, meet interesting people, be updated about the latest news on the event.


11. BabyCarrot (fan page / video with the presentation)  – “Most girls in the team” Prize Winner

BabyCarrot provides young parents with a guideline for feeding their newborns and toddlers. BabyCarrot is a friendly solution wich help to decide what a toddler should eat and when new products can be added to the baby’s dieta.


12. Dreammaker (Creativity) (video with the presentation)

Social web page for creative people who build something and need advices/ helps/ opinions.


13. INBOUND WAY (webpage / video with the presentation)

The InboundWay Internet Marketing Blog is a place where you can find information on all aspects of inbound marketing, be it SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing or analytics.


No matter if you were with us or not, check this great film about the event made by our friends from FILMPOINT.PL:

Thank you all for your hard work, keep working and good luck!