Presenting Gold Sponsors of Startup Weekend Poznan


This year the golden sponsors of Startup Weekend Poznan are:

Blackbox is a Silicon Valley startup accelerator focused on helping non-US startups that strive to bring their products to the global market. Our programs guide highly selected startups from all around the globe through setting up US-based business operations, raising capital and recruiting US-based executives.


The aim of the company is to integrate existing online payment services and create new ones as well as provide tools which facilitate e-commerce activities. PayU combines innovative solutions, security and technological reliability, offering effective support for e-commerce. The company is also experienced in creating settlement tools. The main objective of PayU is to create comprehensive solutions and offer a wide array of additional services adjusted to the requirements of the e-commerce market that is dynamically developing.


If you have an innovative idea, an initial concept, a prototype or even a young startup company and are looking for a strong partner, then YOU IS NOW – the innovation platform of ImmobilienScout24 – is right for you. ImmobilienScout24 is one of the biggest success stories within the German Internet scene, but we also started as a small startup. With our experience, we would like to help other young entrepreneurs and founders to realize their ideas.


FILMPOINT realizes high quality movies and clips. Thanks to joint of technology and creative narration it realizes professional pictures that improve your image and help your company to grow your sales.


 UPRISER is an initiative that aims to pick up and accellerate the most promising business ideas and projects from the area of ICT. It’s mission is to help them to change their bare idea to well prospering business.


Wikia operates the world’s largest network of collaboratively published video game, entertainment, and lifestyle content on the web through a trusted and customizable platform designed to help people share what they know and love. Its knowledgeable and devoted users create hundreds of wikis every day. Currently, we maintain over 200,000 wikis across an impressive array of subjects spanning virtually all aspects of popular culture: from video games, TV and movies to sports, food, fashion, and current events.


Ventures Hub is an incubator for entrepreneurs working generally in the area of ICT sector. At the moment Ventures Hub is focused on realizing investments as a part of Innovation Economy Program – financed by European Union. For those working on their business projects, Ventures Hub can provide business assistance.


Octawave believes that cloud computing is changing and will be changing the face of the modern world. It believes that users – immersed in the reality of new technology – they can thus achieve more in less time. Oktawave wants to co-create this process. Therefore, its team designed a cloud computing different from everyone, focused on performance, security, full control and low cost. It believes that by using it, you get to your goal faster.