Projects that made the cut


These are the projects that won the voting and will be worked upon during the weekend:

First place (so far) goes to Skill Booster (by Agata) that collected 23 votes – A website collecting projects and tasks published by employers. Lectures can choose such projects and ask their students to work on them as a part of their academic work.

The ideas that were placed on the following positions are:

GIFBOX (previously Creativity, by Daniel, 16 votes) – Use funny, animated images instead of insulting people.

EasyInvest  (by Tomasz, 15 votes) – Solution recommending composition of your investment wallet according to your personal preferences (risk inclination, required period and liquidity of investment). It proposes particular financial products.

KIDGIFTER (previously BuyMe a present by Krystian and Dominik, 11 votes) – Kids create lists of present (text and rich media available, including videos, pictures, podcasts). Then they send them to relatives and friends who can view presents, buy them or even call for a quick fund-raising among wider family and friends. It’s mobile and web platform.

What Can I Do Today (by Jacek, 11 votes) – Find what you will do today. Cultural event, sport, anything. (by Artur, 10 votes) – We let organizers know who actually showed up for the event.

PickParkMe (previously Rent a Car Parking, by Perry, Alex,Lutz, 10 votes) – Web and mobile platform to help users in finding and renting available car parking places.

COLOR id (by Paweł, 10 votes) – Glow yourself the same color as people with similar interests.

Inbound Way (by Dorota, 8 votes) – Internet marketing education platform based on inbound marketing strategy. (by Ken, 8 votes) – Travel social networking hub. (by Marta, 7 votes) –  A place in which dog owners will find dog-sitters living in their neighbourhood.
BabyCarrot (by Kamila, 7 votes) – A group of applications that provide a guideline for young parents.

VideoLawyer (by Tytus, 7 votes) – 

FILMSTREAM (by Paweł, 7 votes) – Recognize a movie poster and be reminded when it’s available for streaming.

BumBum (by Bartosz and Dominik) – Trip to Brazil developed using lean canvas :)