Practice your pitch before you stand on the stage!


It’s the first thing you will learn during SWPOZ: pitching is amongst the most important business skills a person may have. We have to pitch everyday. It happens when we try to build a team, convince other person to fill a survey, buy product or give us capital for our project. To make the long story short – we pitch all the time. You will see how important it is just on the beginning of SWPOZ. You will have only 60 seconds to present your idea! The quality of your pitch will certainly decide if there will be any people interested to join you and work with you.

That’s why we want to help you to practice ahead of time, and get prepared for the show. And this year we have help of Francis Dierick – the founder of PitchPhone. Francis is bringing to Poznan his pitching hotline for founders. Just for participants of Poznan Startup Weekend and free of charge! Service started today and it’s open for all people who would like to improve their skills and get prepared before Friday. And the best is that the only thing you have to do is to call this number: +48 22 307 06 36. Listen carefully and start answering questions. You will not only train your narration but also get very useful feedback.


Don’t believe that pitching during Startup Weekend will be an easy task. It’s only 60 seconds and you must be concise and clear. The best speakers practice their pitches for days and still make mistakes. If you would like to read more about pitching you will find some great guidelines published on Startup Weekend blog.

But don’t forget to grab your phone and make a call! PitchPhone is really helpful, and now it’s the only possibility to try it for free in Poland!