Netia S.A. – Platinum Sponsor of Startup Weekend Poznan


We are proud to present one of our Platinium Sponsors –
 Netia – one of the biggest and the fastest growing telecomomunication operator in Poland.

During Startup Weekend Poznan, Netia will provide you some invaluable knowledge assistance. It will help you to look for the best solutions when it comes to IT infrastructure for your business. Our guests from Netia will explain their cloud computing services and how they may help you to keep your project flexible and lean, though scalable. They will stay with Startup Weekend crew for the whole weekend to consult your projects and help you to take off!

Netia and some other knowledge partners of Startup Weekend Poznan have prepared and helped us to prepare some additional help in a form of short case studies, articles and presentations. Provided by Netia case study treats about cloud computing and explains why it is not always smart to invest a lot of money in infrastructure.  It also outlines how Netia can help you with baypassing this problem. The case study is available for download  here. More materials and guidelines from our partners will be available for you during Startup Weekend Poznan.